How do I get letters from colleges?

I’m currently a junior in high school. I want to receive mail about colleges (such as information packets, and high school and summer programs) from colleges. So far I only get that useless mail from when I took the PSAT. I want to get mail from decent and good colleges. I have friends who get mail from Harvard and Stanford and such. I want to know how to get mail from colleges like that to get more information about that. Yes I know that you can get most information online, I but like my information to be tangible and it creates a more personal connection with the school and me as a potential applicant. So how do I get mail and letters from colleges?

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  • lots of times when you take the psat and other tests they ask if you want information from colleges, and to check the box if so. or if you have really good grades, good at sports, colleges hear about you and send information. you can just go online and request information as well.

    i get AT LEAST 3-6 things from colleges every day, been that way since my junior year. after a while it gets a bit annoying, i don’t even open them anymore as i know where i’m applying to this fall.

    i’m sure you’ll start receiving some soon. almost everyone does.


    For the most part, when a school accepts you they send you either a letter with a link or mail in response sheet for you to confirm whether or not you’ll be attending. If either of those were included (and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be) then a letter is not necessary. However if nothing was included a follow up letter might be mailed out asking you to select a registration date. For the record, I don’t know anyone who has had to send out such a letter unless there was a last minute change of attendance.

  • I started getting College letters starting summer before senior year(which is now for me). I got them because I took the SAT and checked the share info box or something. However, I keep getting TONS of them from everywhere. I guess one way to get them is taking SATs or ACT.

  • Which colleges contact you is partially dependent on your PSAT scores and other information you/your school provided to the testing agency. If you want to receive mail from a specific college, go to the website and sign up to get on their mailing list.

  • You can go on their website and find out if they could send you a brouchure about an area you wish to study, I got one from NYU, HARVARD, ETC.

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