How do I join the Bloods?

I went to a club the other week and a song came on that kept repeating the word “blood.” When it did, many of the guys in the club began putting up gang signs. Their fraternity and interconnectedness was a delight to see, even after the club was over and they all did specific hand shakes with each other that signaled their trust and loyalty with one another. They all walked with a sense of pride, knowing that if anyone ever messed with them they would have to deal with all of them. Not only was it cool, but it was smart, safe, and brought you girls. I immediately wanted to join, however none of them were approachable.

So how do I join the bloods? Is their like a website to apply? I don’t personally know anyone in it, so idk how…

oh ok. How do I join the crips, are there any in NYC? I feel like the fact that I am pretty well off financially would be a great plus.

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  • Don’t join a gang please I joined a blood gang when I was 13 and got arrested for grand theft auto when I was 16, Don’t do it. When you get busted and caught then your gang leaves you. Also those ho’es who find the gang guys “Tuff bad boys” are most likely gonna have like 19 kids when they are older.

  • Ok first off there is no application online. Must blood gangs you gotta get jumped in. And second you ckant be a blood and be considering joining a crkip gang at the same time. Second dont tell them that you have alot of money. Ckuz if you dont know them they might try and rob you. When i joined my the gang im in now i grew up in the same neighborhood and hung out with all the members, so they all knew me, which helped out.

  • They hold hands and burn a photo of David Duke and say “If I Betray my Brothers may I Burn like this KraKKA!”

    The Mafia is WAY more lucrative and respected but if you’re not Italian you can only rise to Associate level (But guys like Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill Still made lots of tax free money)

    and if you learn how to Ride a Hog, The Hell’s Angels or Bandidos 1%er Motorcycle clubs would be AWESOME!

  • I joined the hoover crips when I was about 12 because I wanted to let peolpe know not to mess with me, my father is a member of the bounty hunter bloods and my older brother is a member of the Cedar Block Piru my older brother often went to jail for gang activity and my father went to jail when he was 13 for being with his friend while he killed a crip long story short being a Crip is cool b/c people don’t **** with me and my family is okay even though we all are in different gangs. All I had to do was hold up a liquor store and I was in

  • In Chicago we don’t have Bloodz, but round here its the same **** with Crips and Bloods. GD’s wear all blue, and BD’s wear red. Same **** just different names. I was born around a GD Neighborhood and I hang wit them but no away I’d ever join em

  • Why would you want to join them? Most of them won’t accomplish anything in life. They usually don’t have morals other than violence and what is so wonderful about living that type of life style Ughhhhh more thugs are the last thing that the world needs!

  • aye first off, u goota move to cali. The real bloods live in cali. When u move, move to the blackest neighborhood possible. and im not talking abou black licorice black, I mean the neighborhood where “******” bang for a couple dollars. Then u gotta find the biggest “*****” possible. He will probably be decked out in Red. Approach cautiously… Always stay heated. Bring Back-up just in case. Good luck and godspeed.

  • i brook in one there warehouses there was hundeds of guns they walked in i ran out the back it was about a ten feet drop i brook my back my hand and i got shot twice in the back i took the jump thats what happpend i was in a gang i got cleaned up then later i walked back if i could help he ponted a gun to my head then hee said yes it was a lot of trouble don´t try it

  • I joined a gang when I was younger, I found it to be a grand experience. I hear the crips have a better dental plan, you might want to reconsider.

  • get your *** up and go to the hood, bring a 40 incase things get heated u feel

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