How do I know what type of computer I am using?

Such as Windows XP or Mac and so on?

Al I know is that the brand or whatever is Dell

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  • Right click on my computer and click on properties. Should tell you on system or something liek that.

  • When you boot up, the computer will tell you what general type of operating system you have. Dell computers can run either Windows (>95%) or Linux (<5%). If you see “Windows” or “Starting Windows” while starting up, then you know what you’re using. If you see “Ubuntu” or “Red Hat” or “Debian”, “Suse”, or “Fedora”, those are Linux versions (called “distibutions”.)

    If you have Windows and want to know which version, click on the Start button (bottom right, usually), then Right click on “My Computer” or “Computer” and then select “Properties” from the drop-down menu. That should give you a screen that will tell you what version of Windows you are using. It also should tell you something more about the computer (what type of CPU, what clock rate, and how much system memory–RAM–is installed.)

    Another way to get that information is through Start>Control Panel. Either switch to “Classic View” and double-click the “System” icon, or click on “Performance and Maintenance” and then click on “Basic Information about My Computer”…or whatever. The exact text and layout seems to change a bit between versions and I’m looking at a Windows XP system for a sample.

  • What Computer Am I Using

  • If it’s a Dell, it’s not a Mac. If you want to know what the operating system is, look for the “My Computer” icon; if you find that, it’s probably some version of Windows; right-click and choose “About” to find which version. If it’s not Windows or Mac, there is no one standard way to determine which operating system it is. If there’s a command prompt, try the command “ver” or “uname -a”.

  • If you are using a computer with an apple on it, you are using a mac. Otherwise, if yo have a start menu, you have a Windows computer. If you have neither, then you are using Linux.

  • Windows key + you the run dialogue box, when that comes up type in “msinfo32” that would give u details.

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