How do I make my hands smaller?

I'm a girl and I've always been told I have "man hands". My fingers are quite long and whenever I hold hands with guys, my hand are normally bigger than there's are. It's very embarrassing. If there is a way, how can I make my hands smaller?

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  • I feel you. I'm super tall, so I have larger hands than most girls. I used to want to change the size of my hands but then I realized I was letting the size of my hands define me... It's silly. It's the way your bone structure is, so you can't physically change the size; however, I discovered that you can make them appear smaller... This is what worked for me:

    -LETS YOUR NAILS GROW(it maks your hands look more feminine)

    -PAINT YOUR NAILS(it's draws attention away from the size and more on the color on your nails)


    OH! I almost forgot! When it comes to holdin hands, I recommend using hand softening treatments and lotion(Mary Kay) ! So when guys hold your hand they won't be thinking about the size, they will be shocked about how soft your hands are! 😀

  • I always dreamt of having smaller hands and feet also, and I believe that regenerative and nanomedicine could some day achieve this if we so wanted to.

    Fist of all, you have to decide if having what you want is based on how you want others to perceive you, or if you want to have more mechanical power. That should be your own choice to make, but if you do decide to physically change, you'd have to think about studying body proportions and analyse your morphology so that in the future you know what to expect when you get your hands and or feet replaced.

  • I am tall but most of the girls in my highschool are tall too but have small feet and small hands.... Why do I have big hands and big feet size 6 :'( :'( :"(

  • I'm just like you I have big hands and My friends always like to see witch is bigger and I know I have the longest hands and I feel weird like un normal but some one told me that you have to be confident with your self and I try to be and I walk the hall way in confident

    ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️. Hope this helps 🙂

  • i have super big hands and my fingers are kinda long but at the same time and i have kinda short nials and i wqant them smaller not to look smaller but actually be smaller and if they are smaller they will look smaller

    i feel that i sounded rude so i m sorry if i did

  • There's no logical way to minimize your hand size. Other than surgery (I don't even know how they would do that) you'll have to live with it. I have terribly scarred legs. I've had to learn to accept it. I'm sorry. Men may like them for another reason 🙂

  • That is a lie man. Don't believe that crap that hating people just make up. I am a pretty small guy but my penis ain't small.

  • You're hands aren't small, I know, but they are not mine they are your own, but they are not mine they are your own and we are never broken.

    In the end, only kindness matters

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