how do i make my lip bleed?

just answer the damn question is it so hard

14 Answers

  • WHAT THE??? sorry anyways… i had a problem with that. I would always bite on my lips or i would take my fingers and actually squeez the lip , and rip of the skin. I would do that so much it bleeds. I hate it and my lips looked ugly. im trying to get outta that habit but if u want to DO it(????) you can try. I had that habit for 11 years. All those years my lips were ugly. If u want to take the risk, do it, but trust me it will ruin ur lips..

  • Bite it really hard, pierce it with a needle, use the sharp edge of a knife… it’s just the same as making skin bleed 😀 it’s rather easy.

    But why would you want to do that anyway?

  • Just bite and poke your lip in sure it would work

  • umm idk why you would want to do that but… im gonna naswer your question =) Okay well the easiest way is to let your lips chap and then just mess with your chapped lips and eventually they’ll bleed a little… Or you can get slapped multiple times and im sure they’ll be blood

  • Try stabbing it or cutting it hmm try dragging your lip on the concrete find what works:) goodluck

  • Punch yourself in the face repeatdly? Good luck with your stupid question…

  • i want to know

    how stupid could you get

    one day you might ask usl ot how do u commit suicide

    u never know

    what a silly question

  • hmm what a normal question :S


  • bite it really hard

  • poke it with a needle

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