How do I open a program, such as paint, using Command Prompt?

I am starting to use command prompt and have really gotten good, but cant figure out how to open a program. I am using the one on Windows XP.

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  • you need to find the exact name (Firefox is firefox.exe Paint is mspaint.exe) and directory of the program (installed programs are usually in C:Program Files and Windows programs such as Paint are in C:WINDOWSsystem32)

    once you find the directory type cd C:(directory)(sub-directory if available)

    then type (program name).exe


    First type: cd C:WINDOWSsystem32

    then : mspaint.exe

    remember the cd command is very important because it changes the directory(folder) that it is in

    type HELP in command prompt if you want a list of commands

    type DIR if want to see a list all the files in the dictory(folder) you are in


    Yes, it’s possible. When you enter a command at the command prompt, the shell searches through a specified list of folders to find a program of the given name. In Unix-based systems such as Mac OS X or Linux, you can get that list of folders by typing echo $PATH. I believe the equivalent command in Windows is echo %PATH%. If you want to add a command, just drop a shell/batch script in a folder on the path and the shell will find it automatically. The Mac OS X script is really easy, because OS X already allows you to launch programs from the command line: —– artist —— #!/bin/sh open -a “Adobe Photoshop CS5” open -a “Adobe Illustrator CS5” Save this in a folder that you’re designating for scripts (by convention, you can use a “bin” folder in your home directory). Then, in a Terminal, type “open -e .bashrc”. At the bottom, add the line export PATH=~/bin:$PATH. Save it, and start a new terminal- you’re all done. In Windows, it’s a bit more difficult. On the desktop, right click Computer and go to Properties. Go to Advanced and then choose “Environment Variables”. Edit the System environment variable Path to include the folder you want to put your script in. You’ll have to make a batch file and use the Start command to run the programs. Unlike Mac OS X, you actually have to specify the path to the executable (I’m not sure on these file names you may need to change them) —– artist.bat —- start C:Program FilesAdobe Photoshop CS5photoshop.exe start C:Program FilesAdobe Illustrator CS5illustrator.exe —— Then, save the file to that folder that’s now on your path.

  • Task Manager Program Name

  • you type START andthe name of the executable

    for example, to open mozilla firefox, you type in “start firefox.exe”

    if you don’t know what the executable is, then open the program so it is running, open Task Manager, (ctrl+alt+del) right-click your program under Applications, and click Go To Process, and it should automatically take you to the Processes tab and highlight the corresponding process, which you can then type in command prompt. some programs built-in to the OS, like notepad, don’t require an extension, (.com, .bat, .exe), you just type the proper command, in this case, its NOTEPAD.

    –you can also right click the program name under all programs in start menu and it should be under Shortcut, Target.

  • To open a file or program in command prompt type:

    start {filename}

    if the file is not in this folder: C:WindowsSystem32

    the you will have to type the whole filepath it is in (as in the whole folder and file).

    start mspaint.exe

    will open paint

    if you have internet explorer shortcut on your desktop then:

    start %userprofile%DesktopInternet Explorer.exe

    to open notepad type:

    start notepad.exe

  • you can make a batch script that will take a list of key words like ‘artist’ and simple open whatever you want using a switch statement. This can be opening via command line.

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