How do I resist cheating on my tests when cheating is so easy?

All the tests and exams are online so I use my phone to access them. The questions are also taken directly from Quizlet. I can literally highlight a question (all multiple choice) and find the answer word-for-word on Quizlet. It’s too easy so how do I resist cheating? I’m in high school.

4 Answers

  • Well, if the questions did come directly from a Quizlet and you copy those answers word for word, the teacher would know you cheated.

  • I think this is one of those, you either have that value or you don’t… I mean, some people would have just taken the exam without trying to find a way to cheat in the first place (like they wouldn’t know that the answers were readily available). So, it’s really quite simple what you do to resist cheating… you don’t do it. You take your exam without looking up the answers. Maybe you have your mommy or daddy sit next to you to make sure you aren’t cheating. 

  • Don’t be so sure these answers are correct.  I have heard of teachers becoming members of these sites and intentionally posting wrong answers.

  • Sooner or later that will catch up to you. Especially if you want to go to college. You will find you don’t have a good base knowledge that is going to help you get through your college level  classes.

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