How do I say hi my friend in italian?

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  • ”Ciao, amico mio!” (if he’s male), or ”ciao, amica mia!” (if she’s female) is the meaning.

    Hi = Ciao

    My = mio/mia

    Friend = amico/amica.

  • Ciao is used most commonly as hello among young people and buongiorno (literally meaning good day) is used if you want to sound more formal. my friend= mio/mia amico/amica depending on if you are addressing a girl or a guy. If it’s a girl use ciao, mia amica! and if it’s a guy use ciao, mio amico! Hope this helps 🙂

  • “Ciao amico mio”. But it’s also used “Hey amico”.

    If your friend is a male use “amico mio”, if she’s a girl than use “amica mia”.

    If u meet a Group of friend say “Ciao amici” (hi friends).

    Hope I helped 🙂

  • In italian you can say like “ciao amico mio”

  • Ciao Amici which means hello friend or Ciao Amico Mio which means hello my friend.

  • Ciao

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  • hi my friend is spoken as ciao amico mio 🙂

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