How do I say James or jim in Spanish?

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  • Jaime..pronounce HY-me.

  • James (Jim) is Jaime in Spanish.

    As an anecdote: Jaimito (Jimmy) is the protagonist in many Spanish jokes. He is a very naughty and more than clever boy, who always gets in trouble because he doesn’t know when to shut up.

  • James translates to Santiago in Spanish but i’m not sure what Jim translates to.

  • Jaime

  • Jaime

  • its Jaime but ido not know jim but i know that john is Juan

    and don t pay attention to hi y all because the boy from the jokes isnt jaimito its pepito

  • There are a number of translations the most common ones are:

    Jaime y Santiago

    Others are:

    Diego, Jacobo y Yago

    all of the represent the same name.

  • Just say James (pronounced Jaah-mes) or Jim (Jeem).

  • Jim In Spanish

  • Diego

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