How do I say “SHOPPING” in Japanese? Thanks!?

What is the most commonly used word for shopping in Japanese? Phonetics are appreciate.

Domo Arigato!

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  • ♡Already got good answers, but I’ll just add this so you can check it yourself:……

    Of course you can say “kaimono” = keye mo no

    or I personally politely say “okaimono” = oh keye mo no. (*As Mimi said.)

    Just my two cents. Hope it helps!

    I live in Japan and say and go shopping a lot!

    ♪Okaimono, okaimono, okaimono!♪

    The SEIBU department has a famous dancing bear CM singing “okaimono, okaimono….” CUTE!♡

  • Japanese Shopping

  • Say Shopping

  • Yes it is Domo or Arigatou or Domo Arigatou as said above, it is not with the Doumo, that much I know too. I study martial arts also and we use Japanese in the class only I am not a teacher I am still a student and this is how my Japanese Sensei taught us. I can’t write out the kanji on my keyboard.

  • kau (shop or buy) + mono(thing)= kaimono

    kaimono o shimasu: (to)shop

    kaimono o ikimasu: go shopping

  • No, it is not shoppin-gooo.

    買い物 (ka i mo no)

    I don’t know if you want to use it as a verb, but if you do, it is 買い物する (ka i mo no su ru) and the u sounds are very short.

    明日買い物します。 (a shi ta ka i mo no shi ma su) but it sounds more like ashta ka i mo no shimass)

    す(su) and し (shi) are almost always very short sounds.

    Two thumbs down? Do people just close their eyes and point?

  • Actually, the guy above made some mistakes as to the actual pronunciation of both words, but it was a good idea anyway.

    Think of it this way:

    買物 かいもの kaimono

    kai (rhymes with “guy”)

    mono (rhymes with Yoko Ono)

    ショッピング shoppingu

    Shaw (surname)

    Pingu (the penguin)


    If you used the other guide, you’d be saying:

    かいまな kaimana (which means nothing in Japanese)

    He could’ve used a much more accurate example for the final “u” on shoppingu too. It’s NOT like the “oo” of “cook”. It’s more like “goo”, like something gooey.

  • okaimono (o-kai-mono) — used mostly by women

    kaimono (kai-mono) — used by both men and women

    shoppingu (shoppin’ gu: “gu” as in “guru”) — usually used for “window shopping”… “wu-in-doe shoppin’ gu”

  • ka-i-mo-no

    “Ka” as in CAr

    “i” as in India

    “mo” as in MOney

    “no” as in NOthing

    Some young people also say “shop-pin-gu” which is prounouced the same as in English only with the “u” sound added. That is pronounced like the the middle sound in “cOOk”.

    ***EDIT*** Butterworth, I don’t know about you but I don’t say “NAthing” I say “NOthing”! Also there is no long sound to the “gu” it is very short and not at all like “goo”. That would be wrong.

    Plus “Shaw” has too long a vowel sound for the “sho”. There are no long vowel sounds in “shoppingu.”

  • ka i mo no, i am 11 and i go to a school where i learn japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you can trust me

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