How do I sharpen my teeth?

so liek... i am a huge vampi person... and i really want to sharpen my teeth. i cant go to a dentist and get it done, im 16! (almost) so really, how can i do it on my own?

im a girl, btw, not a guy... first two answers treated me liek a guy, and ill say it again... IM 16 YEARS OLD AND CANT PAY FOR ANYONE TO DO IT UNLESS THEY ARE SOMEWHERE AROUND 20 DOLLARS WHICH I KNOW FOR A FACT NO ONE DOES IT TAT CHEAP!

i am considering filing but... idk...

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  • You don't sharpen all but rather encourage four (two upper, two lower)

    to all grow longer. They must be cleaned thrice daily without fail and flushed with untainted water. Gum rub with lemon pulp without peel contact should follow cleaning. The acid is a growth medium. Dip of

    pulp into Navy Rum is even better but doubt your age can find it. Rum

    alone should be avoided; it will cause dental complications. The bite

    enlargement should begin to show after twelve weeks. It is slower without spirits. Bite of lemon grog was well known 300 years ago.

  • Sharpen Your Teeth

  • I did this and it worked fine for me...

    I just took a very fine nail file and carefully sanded at my teeth, (obviously do it very gradually theres no turing back).. keep a tissue in your mouth to prevent the fallout dust from going down your throat, after you are happy just rinse your mouth out with water. Your teeth might feel a little grippy at first but it goes away after a few days. Don't saw too deep into the tooth or your could damage it for the worse or strike a nerve. I do it every few weeks just a little bit so I can top them up and work on getting the shape I want without damaging too much of the tooth, if you do it in one go I feel like the chances of something going wrong might be higher.

    I wouldn't recommend filing the back of the tooth (atlas not much) as this can make the tooth thin and fragile, prone to breakage/chipping.

    Hope this helped good luck. 🙂

  • I am an adult and find your question genuine. I propose you wait until you are grown and moved out from home living on your own to do such a thing. I believe you are either going through a vampire phase or it is truely who you are. It is hard to know for sure since you are still growing. Your best option is to go to an Orthodonist and ask them if they can do the procedure. Then take under consideration of the risk of potentially damaging your teeth. I am going to do this procedure and will let you know how my teeth turn out.

  • do not sharpen you teeth!! and do not put lemon on them.. these are the worst ideas I've ever heard.. Lemon will eat the enamel away and damage Your teeth they will look bad... Go online and look for vampire teeth you can cement on temporarily until you're old enough to get veneers placed if you're so desperate to look like a vampire. Hopefully by the time you're old enough you'll have grown out of this phase and realized how nerdy it is and how foolish you'll look as an 80 year old grandparent with vampire teeth

  • i dare you to file it. 😐

    no really do it, go to the shops and get yourself a metal file, and file away, you will soon hit nerves and flesh and realise that you, indeed are the true definition of stupid.

  • Any way you want, if you want to be faced with $2000 PER TOOTH cost for the damage that will happen if you do this.....

  • oh leave him alone twistedmegami, i hear theres a place in salem or somewhere you can get vampire teeth implants for $200 , they feel natural too so yerr

  • Sex, Lots of it!

    and... Mc cain FTW!

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    2. talk to girls

    3. quit being emo

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    5. get a life

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