How do I shut off the closed captioning on my new Sharp Aquos HDTV?

We just bought a new Sharp Aquos HDTV, and when we finally got the picture and audio to work, there were closed captions on the screen. When I click on the CC button, all I get is a little box on the upper right corner of the screen that says HDMI and the model number of my DVR box. We did use HDMI cables. If anyone has a clue how to shut off the closed captioning, I’d be very grateful.

When I press the cc button, all I see in the little box is HDMI, the make of my dvr and under that the word video:1080i. No matter how many times I press cc, that’s all I see. I finally changed the cc source code on my dvr box to make the closed captioning go away, but that can’t be right.

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  • You’re halfway there, but don’t know it. When you press the CC button once, it shows you the current CC mode and status. If you press it again while the box is still showing, it will step to the next available CC display mode. Just press it again until the mode shown is “Off”.

    Source(s): My Aquos works that way!
  • 2015 answer: This is a cable box issue. I accidentally hit the * button on my Verizon remote control which triggered the display “closed caption:all channels” on my sharp TV. The reason the TV display showed was a miscommunication between the cable box and the TV. First, I went to the cable box settings and made sure the closed caption setting was off. I have 2 cable boxes, one is a DVR, the other shares with that box. The miscommunication was that the 2 cable boxes needed to be updated. I unplugged the DVR box, then plugged it back in (this forces a Verizon update). Once that box was updated, I unplugged the second box. When I turned on the TV, the display had disappeared. Once updated, the TV and the cable boxes could communicate again regarding closed caption. Easy fix.

  • This happened to me too…no matter how many times I tried, pressing the CC button had no effect, and neither did the settings option. Then I discovered I had turned on the closed captioning in my Dish Hopper DVR. As far as the TV knew, it wasn’t receiving any captions.

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  • Nice TV! Yes, call your local cable company and get a HD receiver for your TV. It will really show you what your TV is capable of. Since you have “regular” DVDs and not HD-DVD or Blu-Ray I would recommend purchasing an Oppo DVD player. This DVD player will “upconvert” your regular DVD signal to a HD signal. There are many upconverting DVD players on the market today but I have found that at $149, the Oppo is the best value for the money. It will actually take a regular DVD movie (~520 lines of resolution) and upconvert it to 720p and even 1080i.

  • I agree that this is a cable box issue. Go to xfinity menu and click on settings (cog icon on far right). Press OK on Display settings and you ll be able to turn off CC.

  • Do it through your cable remote if tv remote can’t

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