how do i start a riot at school?

im in 6th grade me and the other kids were planning on tying the teachers up and putting every teacher in bathroom stall recieving a swirly once a day.and we would finish off the snitches by tying them up and putting them in the school swimming pool saying “class is dismissed” in an arnold swagengger accent.

dr hannah u bet and well be comin to a school near u

i love u frank

9 Answers

  • Dude, teachers don’t get to pay enough to deal with that kinda of s**t.

    Go harrass some mall cops instead. :>

  • How To Start A Riot

  • oh wow sure like a whole bunch of skinny little 6th graders are gonna pick up 100 pound teachers and put them in the toilet..that makes SO much sense

  • You don’t have to feel sorry for us we came up and this our world now

  • that would be cool to do. to bad i dropped out. i wouldent have tied the teachers up but if all the kids refueds to do work then there teachers couldn’t do ****

  • if we all get people to agree there is a chanse

  • Kids… sometimes they are so lame.

  • Sometimes I don’t feel sorry that slavery happened to Blacks

  • Ugh, typical African American.

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