How do I stop being a Market America Distributor?

I signed up to be a distributor to get the Isotonix products at cost because I used so much of them. But now they changed their requirements so I have to buy more crap I don’t want, so it’s not worth it. Mysteriously, (eye roll) the person who brought me in will not answer my emails asking how I stop being a distributor. Anyone know how to do this? I’d like to get out before my next transfer buy goes through.

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  • Market America Distributor

  • My leader didn’t warn me about my transfer buys coming up and I had to pay for it. Upon many reasons I don’t want to be a part of MA anymore so I sent an email and cancelled my future transfer buys

  • [email protected],com

    Cancellation process takes 5 business days.

    Submit written statement; email, fax, mail

    Call: 1-336-605-0040 for information

    Have Distributor or Rep ID available and include on Cancellation Statement/note..

  • I don’t believe that this is correct

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