How do I stop voldemort from stealing my shampoo?

Voldemort keeps stealing my shampoo. It's annoying because he doesn't give it back afterwards and I have to buy a new bottle. How can I stop him?

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  • I have the same problem!

    He hates the fruit scented ones cuz bellatrix tells him that he smells like a little girl.

    And that makes him cry.

    Like a little girl.

    Watch out- Lucius Malfoy might steal the fruit scented one.

  • Tell Voldemort that only people with hair and noses can use shampoo and my friend is a big fan.

  • Walk into the basement where the water pipes are. Smack his underwear 15 times against them until a cosmic cat comes and rips off the water pipe. Mix mayo and ketchup then pour it in and tape it back together with coca cola. As voldemort steps into the shower leave a trail of girl scout cookies to the toilet. As he eats the toilet vote for obama. An earthquake will happen causing mayo and ketchup to dance in a sumbrero for 15 minutes. While hes distracted hsve hilter steal his nutella. Voldemort will notice and chase after him. When voldemort comes back out of breath, get the vaccum and chase him out of your parents basement forever. Voldemort will move to mexico to steal other peoples shampoo.

  • I Hate It When Voldemort

  • Tell Voldemort that only people with noses are allowed to use shampoo.

    Also ... check out this picture LOL

  • Tell Voldemort that he can't use shampoo because he doesn't have any hair!

  • Turn on the TV to channel 3, when voldy sees the CSI, he will come out of shower. then throw tv out of window, and he jumps. make sure you are in a 45 story building, on the roof. Then when he jumps, he will cast AVADA KEDEVRA, just for Revenge before he dies, take the bottle of shampoo to deflect it. and as he falls yell ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: Iglesias is also ironically a first spell, from the 3rd video game. when you play as herminioe. So he will be frozen, and will shatter on the cement sidewalk. your welcome, and goodbye

  • kill Voldemort by using Avada Kedavara

  • Tell Voldemort that his head will shine better with shoe polish, not shampoo. He'all weep like the little girl he is on the inside. Or just do what Harry when Voldemort stole his certificate for a life's worth of shampoo and get rid of all his Horcruxs and murder him.

  • Well he never takes my head and shoulders, everything else I buy is gone within a day.

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