How do I tighten my braces myself?

I have top and bottom braces.I got them about 4 months ago, but I’m behind on the payments. I don’t have the cash right now to pay off the bill. I know its pretty stupid, but is it possible and how do I do it. Of course I prolly cant do it myself, so ill prolly get a friend to help me out. Like I said… I know its a stupid question, but please…serious answers only…

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  • The only way to tighten your braces yourself is to get the colored rubberbands that the Ortho has, its very risky because you can do something bad and your teeth is messed up…..but if you really want to you need dentist supplies

    -Rubberband ( the ones that the Dentist has )

    -new Wire

  • You would not have the tools, the materials, or possibly know where the tightening is needed, how much, etc. There is no way you can do this yourself and it actually help at all – and it could screw things up a lot more.

    Talk to your orthodontist – see if they have a payment plan, or can take off the braces and try again when your financial situation is improved.

  • I’m so sorry for your situation.

    However, this is really not something you should or can do yourself. It is NOT possible for you to do it yourself properly – it can result in damaged teeth and bite, which will lead to much bigger problems.

    In this economy, so many people are having problems making payments – have you tried calling your orthodontists’ office and telling them that you need an appointment and know you are behind in your payments? Can you offer to pay anything at all (even $10 or $15)?

  • my serious suggestion is “do not do that”. dentist must have tighten the wire too. if you are successful in putting bracket on position with some glue etc, wire definitely loosen. so in place of correction, it may lead to more problem and malalignment. then it may take longer treatment time to complete it.

  • don’t even think about might just about lose the teeth you are trying to perfect.about the payment part,this sort of treatment usually takes time .so if u speak to your doctor he might give you an option where you can pay in instalments.

  • Please don’t do that!!!!!, allow a trained professional to create your beautiful smile in waiting, they have all the specific tools to do that. Also you could seriously injure yourself by doing that. As a person who had braces for 6 long years, please don’t do that.

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