how do I use an early 80’s electrolux carpet cleaner?

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  • Since it’s an ’80’s unit, I assume you have the unit with three brushes on the bottom. The unit came with two sets of brushes: a coarse, brown brush for hard floor polishing, and a more pliable black brush for carpet shampooing. For this unit, you need sudsing-type carpet shampoo (the original Electrolux shampoo is a silicone-finish shampoo). You mix the shampoo with hot water as directed, in the shampoo tank. Place the carpet shampooer in a corner of the room, on well-vacuumed carpet. Trip the toe-latch beside the handle, pull the handle toward you and hold on! When the motor starts, the machine will be a little unwieldy at first. Pull the shampoo cord and work the machine in an area of about 4 feet square, until the area has a light covering of foam. Release the shampoo cord and work the machine over the area until the foam disappears. Move to the next 4′ area and repeat the process. Continue until the whole carpet has been shampooed, then allow the carpet to dry. A fan, an air conditioner or a dehumidifier will help with the drying process.

    When the carpet has thoroughly dried, vacuum the entire room very thoroughly. This will remove any loose soil or particles that were loosened in the shampooing process.

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    how do I use an early 80's electrolux carpet cleaner?

  • Electrolux Shampooer

  • plug it in. turn it on. roll over your carpet. no different from today’s machines.

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