How do i write a wolf whistle on text?

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How do i write a wolf whistle on

wolf whistle is a two-toned sound with a higher, rising pitch for the first half of the whistle, and a lower, decreasing pitch on the second.

There are several ways to put the sound of a wolf whistle on a text:


whoot whoo

wheet whoo

wheet whew


Hear various ways of wolf whistling at

When you’re trying to grab a taxi, or catch someone’s attention, only a big fat juicy wolf whistle will do! Learn how it’s done at

People aren’t born knowing how to whistle; it’s a learned skill. In theory, everyone can learn to whistle to some degree with consistent practice. In fact, according to a New Yorker article, whistling is the native language of people in a town in Northern Turkey. Instead of using words to communicate, the town’s inhabitants whistle in a manner similar to bird calls.

If you haven’t yet mastered the art of whistling, give these techniques a try. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes several practice sessions before you get it right.

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