How do mountains affect climate?

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  • Mountains play a major influence in climate, not only for mountain locations, but also the surrounding areas . When air flows over a mountain, it is forced to be lifted upwards. This will cause more precipitation to fall on the windward side of the mountain slope. The air will than drop down the back side as usually as warm air. This process would strip the moisture from the air resulting in a rain shadow effect for areas down wind from the mountain. Mountains would also produce local affects due to the change of air flow. Wind flowing through mountain canyons areas can be channeled causing strong winds as air is squeezed between areas of higher elevations.

    Higher elevation areas will tend to be more cooler, es[especially on the windward side of the mountains. In a larger scale, a mountain range can block separate two different air masses from meeting .

    These are just a few examples of how mountains can result in unique weather conditions in a local area.

  • How Do Mountains Affect Climate

  • The raise or asdending action of air shifting for the time of a mountain barrier produces a drop in temperature, saturation and rainfall or snow from the crest of a mountain selection wesward or “windward”. subsequently the windward slopes of mountian ranges are a number of hte wetest places in the worldwide – the west area of the Cascades and Olympic Mountains in WA and OR working example. as quickly as the air has omitted a mountain selection the air descents – warms as a results of increasing tension meaning the air is not saturated and precipitaton does not type – the properly conventional rain shadown downwind of a mountain rainge – the severe barren area components of Oregon working example. Winds are additionally diveret around substantial mountain obstacles purely as water flows around a huge rock in a flow and those brought on trough/ridge patters have a pondered photograph in the formation of floor climate useful components for the reason that climate is if truth be told desperate by way of better point useful components – troughs and ridges. increasing and descending motions, table certain brought on troughs and ridges – all consequence from mountain obstacles not purely in the USA yet everywhere winds flow for the time of a mountain selection. Turbulence, icing, mountain obscuration – all are aviation appropriate phenomena additionally linked with mountain obstacles. loads of effects and mountains make the worlds climate greater exciting, greater diverse and grant climate zones that the vegetation, animals which comprise people have had to evolve to over hundreds of thousands of years. Earth without mountains could nonetheless have diverse climate even regardless of the undeniable fact that it would be a duller and we could have a miles less distinctive environment.

  • I think mountains affect climate, because mountain are containing in the temperature.

  • It affect weather because it would block off light from the sun depending on the height.

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