how do people sharpen candy canes?

ive seen ppl sharpen the ends to a point but could never figure out for sure how they do it. any tips?

7 Answers

  • put it between your lips and spin it so the sugar dissolves and sharpens it

  • Just suck on it and rotate it. It takes some time though. Especially the giant ones, that are as thick as a candle and like a foot long. It’s taken me a few hours to try and get it started.

    Tip: Just be careful when you do it, so you don’t prick your tongue with it. That hurts like a *****.

  • I use an Arkansas whetstone, after I’ve used my grinder to take down all the rough edges.

  • just suck on the straight end till it gets sharp

  • Stick it in your ***. Rotate till sharp.

  • u use a candy sharpner heloooooooooooo

  • just suck on it.

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