How do Republitards feel that trump lost the popular American vote by 3 million?

…If the electoral college did not exist in America ,their orange-colored trump wouldn’t be president.

17 Answers

  • They are DISTRAUGHT. DEVASTATED. Those Snowflakes are little wimps

  • guess the election was rigged after all, eh

  • Illegals cant vote, fools

  • Who cares , Hilary is out in the woods eating fungus

  • Democraps should know that she only won those votes through California, New Your, and Illegals. The most important thing for Democraps to remember is: You lost.

  • Trump won, get over it and move on.

  • most republicans think trump won the popular vote too.

    the consensus is trump beat Hillary by 5 million votes, which means 8 million people voted illegally

  • We feel that the irony of Hillary Clinton having to spend the rest of her life accepting her (second!) failure is…delicious!

    Now that you know how we feel, how do liberals feel knowing that they are being well and truly porked 24X7?

  • do

  • It’s been proven those 3 million votes were the result of voter fraud.

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