How do u say “stone” or “precious stone” and “rock” in different languages?

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  • Spanish :

    1. Stone - piedra

    2. Precious stone - piedra preciosa, gema

    3. Rock - roca, peña


    1. камък

    2. скъпоценен камък

    3. скала, канара

  • In German...

    stone = Stein

    precious stone / gemstone = Edelstein

    rock = (according to my dictionary) Gestein (but I'd just say Stein)

    Fun fact: "Rock" in German means "skirt."

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    Good question! There are enormous differences between the two, however there are also enormous differences between the dialects and many words and phrases that you find in each country. (London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cornwall etc) Would that make it right to divide all the different counties/states and call the languages different? I reckon that it's one language that has mutated! x

  • in Urdu


    precious stone=keemti pathar


  • French.

    Pierre précieuse.

    Stone = pierre,

    rock = caillou ( small rock or stone ),roche, rocher.

  • It's possible, but I'm not 100% certain

  • Arabic:

    Stone = حجر (Hijr)

    Precious Stone = ماس (Maas), means Diamond

    Rock = صخرة (Sakhra)

  • Italian:

    stone: pietra

    precious stone:pietra preziosa, gema, gioiello

    rock: roccia

  • La jolla (la HOY-ya) is the jewel in Spanish...

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