How do you add Text to Desktop wallpaper?

I am using Windows 7 and want to add text to my computers desktop wallpaer, how do I do this or can I?

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  • Well you cannot just add them. You will need a software like Adobe Photoshop or Something like photo editing software. However, You can use Paint too, Just open the picture, with the A letter tool on your left hand side bar add whatever text you want and wherever you want. but make sure to save JPEG format. and then set as your desktop wallpaper.

  • Make Text Wallpaper

  • find the wallpaper on your computer then right click and hit edit. This will open it in paint, simply use the text tool to add the text then save. You may need to set the wallpaper to something else, then set it back to the old wallpaper when your done.

    If you are talking about system wallpapers, I think they are stored at:


  • You can use any image editor like Photoshop or even Windows’ Paint applet to add text. Just type “paint” without the quotes into the “Search programs and files” box at the bottom of your Start Menu. Open the image and then click on the little icon that looks like an italicized A. click where you want the text to be superimposed onto the image, choose the font and size and color you want, type the text, and save the file as a new image. Then right-click the newly created file and choose Set as desktop background. Easy as that 🙂

    P.S. — The background file can be found in your C:Windows directory and will have the file extension .BMP so you can just search that directory for *.BMP and you should be able to locate it for opening in Paint.

  • You can’t do it straight onto the wallpaper you’ll need to open the image in a program that manipulates images such as Paint which you should have on your computer.

  • Photoshop, paintshop pro, Gnu image manipulation are some tools to edit a image. I use Gnu image manipulation often and its free and will run on most computers and there are other free image editing tools too. Photoshop is the other best tool and you can download a free trial from

  • use a program like paint or photoshop you select the photo you want to use and select the text tool and select where you want the text at then save it find it and make it your wallpaper

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