how do you beat level 24 on red wrecker?

3 Answers

  • The red balls are split into two groups. Begin by dealing with the group to the left. Remove the bar immediately to the left of the left group. The red balls will slide to the left under a blue bar and up against the second bar. Remove that second bar, but do not remove the short bar above, it is what will hold the big green ball. Now deal with your other red balls. Remove the first bar to the right. The big guy will adjust, and then you can remove the last two bars on the bottom in no particular order.

  • To beat level 54, you might have to try a few times. The way I did it was to remove the 2 little blue balls that are next to the red block on the top of the middle blue block. Then remove the blue block that is holding the big red block. It will knock the left red blocks and it will make a circle around.

    I am stuck on level 66 if someone can help that would be great 🙂

    This game is ADDICTING!!!

  • To beat Level 50: first tap small bottom box, all the boxes will go down slowly. Then when they are pretty close to the bottom of the screen tap the top blue box directly under the red box which will switch the motion of the boxes to go up. Then tap the last block. You have to time it right and the boxes should push against each other and end up on opposite sides on the inside of the two walls.

    I’m stack on level 54 anyone figure that one out yet?

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