How do you cancel a Western Union Account online?

I found the answer to this question from an earlier thread which was not resolved.

You email from your email listed in your Western Union account. In the subject line you write Delete My account. Somewhere in the email include your name and phone number. thats all.

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  • So what is the point of this post? It is not a question.

    I cut ties with Western Union long ago because their site persistently declined my credit card whereas every other site and physical store was accepting it. Why should I have to actually go out and do a physical WU transfer when they claim to have an online service?

    They don't get my money at all now. I do all money transfers through MoneyGram

  • Western Union Online Account

  • To deactivate, cancel, or delete your Western Union online profile email us from the email address you registered with, and include your first and last name, username, phone number and billing address to Include the reason you'd like to deactivate your profile.

  • OK just call The Western Union customer support number and say technical support And speak to A Representative and they will delete your Account Immediately at your request

  • WU is useless. Wired money one day, then told I can't online or by phone in just 2 days, WHAT ? I'm not going to a kmart when i can give my business to others, and i can send FOR FREE !

  • I totally agree. WU is the most inefficient. I found XOOM and it is fast and furious.

  • want to deactivate my account online

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