how do you do the bloody mary arm raising trick?

i want to know how to do it, so i can impress my friends. I forgot how to do it and i would like different versions of it, as long as the trick you say raises your arms, then i dont mind πŸ™‚ thanks x

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  • First you need two people ( you and a partner) then you tell them to relax. Tell them to count up to 10 and stomp their foot then you snap your fingers ten times in the persons ear, then criss-cross their arms over and under ten times. Next they count up to 5 and then stomp their foot You snap your fingers 5 times near your partners ears and crisscross their arm 5 times. Tell your partner to then count to 1 and snap your fingers once in their ear and then cross their arms once. Afterwards you say ” repeat after me.. Bloody Mary rise from the dead and raise my arms” they must repeat it atleast five times to be heard and your partners arms must rise ON THEIR OWN . But I must warn you! Don’t let your partners arms reach past their neck or your partner will be taken over by bloody Mary and choke themself. GOODLUCK AND STAY SAFE πŸ˜€ I hope this helped

  • I don’t think so. It’s just rumour. See, what I think has happened is the people participating in the whole ritual thing when they have to spin around or be in total darkness is that- 1. They got that frightened that they ended up knocking themselves out trying to get away (hey, it happens) 2. They were dizzy & fell over & hurt themselves I don’t really think someone came out of the mirror and got the people who have ever supposedly been harmed during these Bloody Mary tricks, but was self inflicted (probably by accident) out of fear/state of minf/dizziness etc.

  • so you do it 10 times, then 5, and air tie their arms after crossing them, then pull the air like your pulling a rope without the person knowing.

  • i hear you need 2 poeple and tell them to relax and tell them to count up to 15? or 20 idk then stomp theyr feet then cross they’er arms 20/15 times and then do that again with 10 5 1????

  • Sorry I don’t know about this

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