How do you even KNOW if your attractive?

Alot of ugly people think they are pretty and alot of pretty people think they are ugly. I am wondering if I’m just one of those ugly people. I know personality is what matters, blah blah blah, but everyone likes to be beautiful. So, is there really any way to find out?

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  • You know, I’ve seen beautiful people with nice features. The kind you might see in a top advertisᴇмᴇɴt around the world, like most beautiful woman alive. And, I can’t help but want to know why their rated most beautiful. Some are attractive, but alot aren’t, and I think it has to do with just how THEY SEE THEMSELVES, or how comfortable they are in their own skin.

    I’m not talking about the inflated ego. It’s probably, something more, like finally their loving what their doing with their life, and loving themselves more for it.

    I don’t think it’s just about personality. I’ve met people with nice personalities, that are unattractive. In my opinion, it could be what I stated above. They finally have grown to love themselves, and so that inner thing, however you want to call it just shines through. I don’t even think confidence makes a person attractive.

    Take a look in the mirror, and what do you see? What you see, is probably what others see. How you feel, is probably what others are picking up from you, and taking that, to an evaluation of you. Someone once told me to Love myself. It took a while to understand that, but yes I’m working on it STILL. Does that make any sense?

    I think I’m okay, but my female friends say I’m pretty, my family sais I’m beautiful, and my guy friends say I’m beautiful and sooo cute. Please, one or the other guys. I do find, that when I’m upset, I get less looks, and when I’m content I get more.

    I’ve noticed this too with unattractive people and attractive people. It must be psychological, or something. woooh, hope that made sense, of this beauty driven world!!

  • I do agree with the inner beauty stuff, but aside from that, you can tell you’re really attractive if you get told so without being asked. You can also find out by asking anyone you know who is blunt. But it also depends on your definition of beauty, whether it’s both inner and outer, just outer, or just inner. If you’re curious only about your physical appearance, it will be harder to get a real answer from someone you know. Your personality can have a big influence in how someone sees you so it will be more biased coming from a friend because the inner you takes over your looks.

  • The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. I get quite a bit of attention from men, so I assume I am attractive. My husband definitely thinks so. But then sometimes some men don’t give me a second glance…maybe those guys don’t particularly think I’m so hot. Just like when you think a guy is cute but your friend doesn’t…it’s all a matter of taste. Although I will say that some people have higher percentages than others.

  • Well my friends tell me I am attractive but I just don’t see it. I think if i were then guys would ask me out. Actions speak louder than words. But that’s my opinion i suppose.

  • Depends on the person who is looking. Sometimes people can be mean and judgemental by the looks. "Pretty" people use their "beauty" to fool others so they can get what they want. "Ugly" people are judged and being made fun of because of their looks. Beauty really is the eye of the beholder some people think i’m pretty but some think your ugly and all(maybe they’re just jealous or something). You really shouldn’t be asking that because it really depends on the person who is looking on the outside and on the inside.

  • Extremely.

  • well… there is a scientific study done to show what type of face is considered as "beautiful" as opposed to "unattractive". it focuses on the number phi, and the ratio of 1:1.6 for proportion… scientifically speaking of course… if your face measurement fits into that ratio, your facial structure probably is "beautiful."

    as to being attractive, it depends, i think. solely from experience and self experiment, when i feel and act confident about myself, more people (both men and women) seem to approach me more than if i’m not feeling or acting confident. i think it may have something to do with pheromones and how your self-image is reflected. people are generally attracted to confidence after all. i don’t particularly find myself pretty or ugly… i’ve compared my face to the "beauty mask" provided by the researchers, and my face seemed to fit relatively well in it, so i’m assuming i’m not horrifically ugly.

    i suggest you try the website above and see what result it gives you… it’s a bit more objective than the answer i could produce.

  • You don’t KNOW you’re pretty, you feel it. When you have confidence and charisma and a beautiful mind is when you’re truely pretty, fake hair and lashes are out the window! People are too materialistic and judgemental, actractiveness doesn’t even exist outer appearence wise, there’s always different opinions.

    Find out by asking people to be blunt, judge on the majority if you really wanna know

  • Well it’s hard to really know. If you’re ridiculously pretty, usually every so often someone who isn’t trying to pick you up you will make a comment about it (as long as you also dress well!). But if you’re normal pretty, it’s harder to know…

    Really the best way, I think, is to look in the mirror. If when you first glimpse yourself in a mirror your first impression tends to be "nice", you’re probably pretty. If your first impression is "ew," you might not be… but only first impressions count, if you stare too long at yourself you mind distorts your flaws and it doesn’t work anymore!

    I’ve always wanted to make a mould of my head to actually see exactly how it’s shaped in 3D, like other people see it… I think that would be the best way to really understand how you look. But it would take a bit of work! 😛

  • Not really, because EVERYONE is attractive and unattractive. I mean even MONKIES are are not attractive to us but they are to each other so there’s no way of telling.

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