How do you get a bandaid off a hairy are without it hurting, or taking any hair off?

I put a bandaid on my arm this morning, and now it feels like it's been stuck down with super glue, how can I get it off as painlessly as possible?

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  • For you to remove the band aide with as little to no pain, the sticky area has to be slightly moist to ease off the skin.

    You don't want to totally soak the entire area covered by the band aide, since the ends are the only sides that have adhesive on them and you don't need to use tons of oil (a little goes a long way) as that may affect a possible scab from your cut or scrape.

    Just dampen a wash cloth with luke warm water and hold it over the area or add a several of dabs of baby oil or baby oil gel on the band aides strips that contain the sticky adhesive to ease it off.


  • The best thing to do is take a shower with it.

    But in my nursing practice, (since we don't have the time to give a shower to each pt w/bandaid or tape covering an IV site) we always take an alcohol swab and slowly lift the corner of the bandaid/tape and wipe away at the stickiness of the bandaid, the alcohol dissolves the sticky glue, and helps to not pull off as many hairs, and also decreases the pain.

    Just keep slowly lifting the edge with one hand, and wipe underneath that edge constantly with the alcohol swab as you are pulling it off.

  • Take it off while you're in the shower after it's gotten really wet. If it still hurts too much, pull fast and with the hair growth, get it over all at once.

  • Haha, you don't. Sorry. Or maybe soak it for a long time so that it will just slide off.

  • try rubbing baby oil, or another skin oil onto the bandaid and let it sit for half an hour. the oil should disolve the glue

  • soak it in warm/hot water.. like i know if u have a shower and u have a band aid it loosens it up and eventually falls off

  • You can't!

  • Soak it in warmish water and ease it off gently ...

    It does work ;^)

    And don't forget, boys don't cry ;^)

  • soak the area in warm water and you can also rub lotion around the area to un stick it. Good luck.

  • use baby oil and soak it then it will just fall off

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