How do you get rid of the “Please Reconnect Controller” pop-up on Xbox 360?

When I am playing Xbox 360 with my bro using 2 controllers and he quits and turns off his controller a pop up says "Please Reconnect Controller." The only way to get rid of it is to connect your controller, but my bro doesn't want to because it will waste his battery. How do I get rid of this message without connecting the controller or turning off the Xbox 360?

7 Answers

  • Your best bet is to put new batteries on. Another suggestion can be using a rechargeable battery pack that comes with the Play & Charge Kit. Hope this helps. =)

  • Before you turn the controller off you need to sign off the account that is signed on to the controller. Once no account is signed into that controller location you may turn the controller off. If you are signed in when the player quits and turns the controller off the console thinks the battery has died in the controller.

  • The only way I know of is either to a. Put in new batteries or b. make sure there is nothing between the controller and the xbox that might cause an interference that would cause it to disconnect.

  • Try turning off the controller by holding down the middle button instead of pulling out the battery.

  • If he signs out before he shuts off the controller, it won't tell him to connect the controller again.

  • they do in basic terms no longer comprehend a thank you to repair it yet. Its something they have been attempting to repair for a protracted time now. In an 2009 concern of game Informer (196) Microsoft reported that they have got spent over one billion earnings this concern with "no indications of slowing."

  • You cant

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