How do you get the resynthesizer tool for GIMP?

I have downloaded GIMP onto my Mac but I can’t find a link to download this very useful tool

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  • This is the official resynthesizer page:

    This is the plug-in page on the GIMP plug-in registry:

    No mention of Mac versions on either of these pages.

    However, I am almost sure that resynthesizer is already installed if you get your GIMP from the official GIMP on OSX site here: – if not, then there is a page here that specifically mentions a mac version:…

    If resynthesizer is already installed you will find it under Filters > Enhance > Heal Selection (not exactly intuitive!!!)

  • Gimp Resynthesizer Mac

  • The heal tool is not designed to remove something like a strand of hair or anything close to an area of detail like an edge or line, it works best on isolated skin imperfections, like spots etc. This is basically the same behaviour as in Photoshop. If you are using the clone tool, you will need to set a sample area with the same colour as the area you are painting over.

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  • I found a free download of the latest version of Gimp here

    The latest Gimp is better than ever. Its developers are taking the user experience into serious consideration and are speeding up development for this already great photo editor.

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