How do you make purple icing for cupcakes??

I need it to be bright purple, I cant find it anywhere in the stores, so how can I make some??

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  • Color drops will work okay but if you use a lot it can thin out your icing so just beware.

    Use red and blue but add the darker color (red) second. It is much easier to darken a lighter color than it is to lighten a dark color. So start with say 8-10 drops blue for e a regular batch of icing. Mix well. Add red drops one at a time and mixing well after each addition until you get the desired color. You can add more blue if you need to but try not to.

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  • Wilton makes a nice already-made purple icing coloring. You can find it in the craft section of Wal-mart or at a craft store like Michael’s. It shouldn’t run more than $2.00 a bottle — I actually just bought some at lunch time. Start with a small amount when mixing it in; the color will become intense quickly.


    my mom is a baker so she can do thay for ya 😀 and on my imaginary cupcake i want a ice cream cupcake with vanilla icing with rainbow sprinkles (:

  • Cake specialty shops…they have the bright edible powders, can be as bright as you want. Don’t use liquid red & blue as the icing will be toooooo loose.

  • get red and blue food dye add drops until you find the color you like or go to a cake decorating place they will sell purple cake frosting dye

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