How do you make your dog attack on command or protect you in a threatning situation?

I was watching a video on a dogs protecting their owners. There were 3 trained dogs vs 3 non train dogs and all the non train dogs never helped their owners but the trained ones did. I have a one year old female blue staff called blu and i would like her to be able to defend me and herself.

info on blu:

Blu is practically human she has a chair in my room that she sits in my chair and just like puts her arm on the rest lol. She does that human sigh when she gets fed up or bothered XD. She is just a funny dog in general and me and her have a close relationship. I got my friend to pretend he was beating me up the other day and blu looked then carried on about her business.( i think that showed that she is not aware of the situation). Lately around my area i have seen more older teenagers than me and they are questioning me about my dog so normally i say to them yeah she is a blue staff and go about my business with her) i dont want blu to get taken from me so i want her to be able to protect me and herself incase someone tries to attack us. Also i play fight with her she is funny when we fight she will come attack me back but we dont make full contact she will just get close enough to me then snap her jaw but if i just walk to her and carry on walking she runs away. i dont know why she does that. If someone knocks at the door she starts barking in a deep voice and runs towards the door. When people come in she just jumps onto them and starts saying hello. i dont want her to be aggresive to people that come to the house but just not to be so friendly if you understand what i mean cause it could be someone that is trying to break into the house. Another thing when i fight with blu sometimes she goes and fights her blanket or other objects instead of fighting me.

She listens to me so if i tell her to come she comes even outside no matter what she is doing if i say stop she stops she is a smart dog and learns fast.

Also she loves tug of war

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  • The probability to train YOUR current dog to protect you is slim to none. Keep in mind that these dogs you see that are trained to this task are chosen at 6wks old from proper bloodlines and they are chosen because they show proper drives. Even at this…many of them don’t pan out. Dogs who do this task are so high drive and chosen because they are courageous and bold. They have solid nerves and don’t frazzle easily, they are clear in the head and in tune to their handler. The list goes on and on and on. Trying to FIND a dog that fits this bill is near impossible for many people. Now couple that with the fact…you see a video of an adult dog doing protection work…it started training as a puppy and it takes a couple years or more to FULLY train the dog. They are not JUST trained to protect. It starts small with obedience proofed to the point of perfection. They are acclimated in ALL sorts of situations during those impressionable puppy years. They are taught to ignore ALL distractions around them such as company coming over, people bustling down busy streets etc. But while they are taught to ignore all this, they are molded to be very watchful at the same time and sense a threat too.

    The ability to “learn fast” is not the only ability that is needed in a protection dog. Play fighting with you in no way simulates fighting an opponent in which the dog is literally fighting for its life without backing down or hesitating.

    Be happy you have a nice little staffy. Just know she will never protect you in the sense of engaging with a bad person and not backing down. However, she will kinda protect you on a minor sense. Her barking at the door is 99-9% enough to make an intruder think twice and NOT enter. While you walk her…it is probable that her presence is enough to make someone think twice about jumping you. That is seriously all her job needs to be. Refine her training. Make her not appear so friendly and outgoing by teaching her that every passerby is not a petting machine and treat giver. Teach her to simply walk nicely beside you and not pay attention to others. When people come to your home…dont allow her to greet them initially. Teach her to back up, leave them alone and give them space. After everyone is seated and she is calm, only them let someone pet her if she and they wish.

    If you are still hellbound on training her as a protection dog…my best advice to you is find a shutzhund club or the like and have them test her and see what their opinion is. No one should train their own protection dog…that is something that should be left to professionals and even with professionals who are training their own dogs, there is a point of training the owner simply is not capable of training their own dog and they have to elicit the help of someone else.

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  • She sounds exactly like my Staffie. And i could tell you this for nothing: My dog could NEVER cut it as a PP dog. Never. Staffies are not wired the way Malinois and the like are, which is why different breeds are good at different things. And one thing the Staffie is not, is a protection or guard dog. An attacker would have a harder time coming up against a Chihuahua than my dog, who would act just the way yours does. Put it this way, if some man was trying to murder me, my dog would be jumping all over them licking them to death. Useless mutt….

    We would all love for our dogs to protect us, but 99% of them just never would. And trying to train them to do so, especially when you have no idea what you are doing, is completely stupid and dangerous. When these dogs attack, for whatever reason, they do serious damage

  • Bad, bad idea .Police train dogs to attack because of their work with bad and dangerous criminals. Dogs should only be used as pets and family members for the rest of us. If you trained your dog to attack on command and you ordered her to attack someone. The outcome of this would not be good unless it was really self defense. Your dog would be removed from your home and killed. You would also face criminal charges for using your girl as a weapon. Unless you are a police officer I would pray you do not think about this any longer. Just be your girl’s best friend and protector.

  • the problem with training a dog to attack, is that you absolutely must have 100% confidence that she is 100% reliable to attack *ONLY* on command, and to release on command as well. You wouldn’t want her “protecting” you from a paramedic saving your life or something, right?

    That’s why I think that sort of training should only be done by a professional with experience — the cost of failure is just too high — you could end up losing her if she attacks someone mistakenly.

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