How do YOU pronounce the name Kyra? (See details box)?

I always said it as KIE-rah. But yesterday I saw a girl, wearing a sweatshirt that said Kyra. Then, I heard her friend call her what sounded like the name Ciara/Kira/Keira, which I actually prefer.

Have I been saying the name wrong this whole time?

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  • I used to think that the only correct pronunciation was KY-ruh. But a few years ago I was watching the TV show “Reba”. One of her daughter’s names on the show is spelled Kyra and pronounced KEER-uh. I thought it was kind of odd at first, but now both pronunciations make sense to me. I never know exactly what to think when I see the name though. Both pronunciations come to me.

    According to my favorite baby nameing website both “KEER-ah” and “KY-ruh” are correct. See here:…

    Good question, Anna Jill! 🙂

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  • It can be pronounced both ways. I had a friend named Kyra but was pronounced KIE-rah. But it is also pronounced like Keira (like Kyra Sedgwick off of “the Closer”).

  • I have a friend named Kyra and she pronounces it just the way it’s spelled. Kye-ra.

    Ciara I pronounce Key-ar-ah and that’s not the way I pronounce Kyra (think of Myra or Tyra but with a K).

    Keira I pronounce Key-ra.

    Hope I helped!

  • Ciara is actually the original Irish and the true correct way to say it is KEER-uh, like Keira. Kyra has two pronunciations: kigh-ruh (like the word hi), or as KEER-uh

    You are not wrong, it is just a variation

    I personally say Kyra as Kigh -ruh .

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Its pronounced Ky-ruh .

    Ky is pronounced like the boys name Kai.

    Some people pronounce it like Keira but that makes no sense to me. How can Kyra (Ky be pronounced Key)? Makes no sense.

  • Kira Ciara and Keira are pronounced the same as Kyra (KIE-ruh). All are the same. Ciara is the original spelling, and Keira is the ‘Americanized’ spelling, Kira and Kyra are phonetic spellings. You’ve been saying it right.

  • Hmm, when i see it spelt Kyra, i pronounce it kie-ruh, but i agree with you and prefer the pronounciation keer-uh. And I like it spelt Keira.

  • My sister’s friend’s name is Kyra, and she pronounces it like, CURE-YAH

    If that makes sense.


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