how do you pronounce the name Sade (girl)?

Jim: No, I’m just asking because I want to know how to pronounce the name, I’m not thinking of naming my child it and I’m not thinking of the popular singer.. thank you for answering though.

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  • [Well there is a Finnish name Säde but that’s not pronounced like Sadie. ]

    If I saw Sade… i would pronounce it “Sayed” [or written as “Say’d”]

    I pronounce Sadie as Say-dee

  • Sade Pronounced

  • Sade Pronunciation

  • I know someone named Sade and she pronounces it “Sha-Day”, so that’s how I pronounce it when I see it, but I don’t dislike your pronunciation. If you’re concerned about it though, how about naming her Sadie, and calling her Sade. My niece is named Sadie, and we call her Sade, and she loves it. Good luck. PS I wouldn’t worry about what others have to say about the name or the pronunciation. If you like it, then use it. It is after all your child.

  • I know a little girl called Sade who pronounces it Sah-Day. Im not sure I like that pronunciation though, I perfer Say-Dee or just Sayde. Sade is great, just pronounced like that

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    how do you pronounce the name Sade (girl)?

  • pronounce sade girl

  • The artist Sade pronounces her name Shah-day. But it can also be pronounced (say-Dee)

  • Sey-dee

  • If you’re asking about the popular singer, it’s pronounced “Shaw-Day”

    If you’re asking because you’re thinking about a unique, interesting name for a child, I’ll go to my standby response:

    “Why would you even consider naming your child some ridiculous name that they are going to have to explain and spell out in every transaction they make throughout their entire lives because you want to come across as an interesting parent to a child you’re obviously using to boost your own self worth?”

    My soap box. I’m on it.

    Get off my lawn.

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