how do you redline a document?

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    The method varies according to the type of document you want to redline: doc, pdf, etc. And for what purpose: just to see what changes y ou make, to have several people add comments before final issue of a paper; to see changes made by a customer if lets say you are a translator, etc. etc.

    I will assume here that you want to redline a WORD document. If not the following will not apply, sorry, that is the only one I am really familiar with.

    There could be 2 different instances when you would redline a doc. (1) track changes, (2) write comments -by you or more than one user.


    Either for yourself or when collaborating on a document, it is valuable to track changes you or other users make to the document.

    Word’s “Track Changes” allows you to see what changes have been made – also it allows you to accept or reject all or some of the changes that have been made to the document, great tool when it comes time to finalize the doc.

    Before you can use this option, you must first turn on the track changes feature by doing ONE of the following:

    * Select Track Changes from the Tools menu

    * Click the Track Changes button on the Reviewing toolbar

    * Use the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut key

    * Double-click the TRK button on the status bar

    The TRK button on the status bar will turn from gray to black, indicating that the feature is enabled.

    Once the feature has been activated, changes will immediately be tracked.

    Any additions or insertions you make in the document will appear in underlined RED text (text color may vary depending on options you specify and/or which user makes the change).

    If you delete a portion of the document, a balloon containing the deleted text will appear in the right margin with a dotted line connecting it to its original location in the document.

    Also, a vertical black line will appear in the left margin indicating where changes have been made.

    You can turn off the Track changes feature the same way you turned it on.

    Note: Turning off the feature WILL NOT affect the changes that have already been tracked.


    If you are redlining just for you this will let you add notes and reminders.

    If you are working with other people (or want their opinion) on a paper, this is an easy / effective way to collaborate/ comment on document drafts, without the hassle of gazillion paper copies.


    -Notes inserted using the comments feature, on the other hand, can easily be hidden, deleted, or printed if one desires.

    -More important, when the comments are displayed onscreen, you can easily see the comments simply by scrolling through the document, or by opening the reviewing pane.

    To insert a comment, follow these steps:

    1. Select the text you would like to comment upon

    2. From the Insert menu, select Comment (or click on the New Comment button on the Reviewing toolbar)

    3. In the balloon that appears in the right margin, type your comment

    4. Click anywhere in the document to continue editing the document

    The text will have RED lines surrounding it, and a DOTTED RED line will connect it to the comment.

    To delete a comment, simply right click on the balloon and select Delete Comment.

    Hope this helps!!!

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