How do you remove a window screen to sneak out?

Get ready for a long story.

I snuck out almost every single night last summer, BUT a bunch of drama happened with some girls and we all told on each other. You see, I kind of bent my window screen to get it out. So, it was obvious that my window screen was broken after I put it back on.

I need to know how to remove it properly without breaking or bending it so I don't get caught this time. Please.

2 Answers

  • First off, why do you sneak out? So they fixed the screen, and if that is the case they your parents I presume, they may have secured it so you can't remove it.

    Screens, there are many types. If aluminum, then easy, they fit under the outside window that is on top. So you just pry it up a little and bring the bottom inside!

  • do not DO IT!!! If the demonstrate screen is something like those I even have they seem to be a ʙuԍԍᴇʀ to get lower back on so even however the demonstrate screen is easy to get rid of you will desire subject putting it lower back on, for this reason you will get caught besides.suitable answer is stay domicile till your allowed to flow out.

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