How do you remove white out from paper?

Scratching doesn't work

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  • Put a blow dryer to it. Scrape it off with a very sharp knife gently.

  • White Out Paper

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    Hi, I'm an Artist too with several years of experience as a retoucher as well. TheJoblessSpoon's idea would work great I think, if the medium were a thicker or stronger one such as board or canvas.I fear that it would rip a whole in paper though.I would try tearing off a small piece of fine sandpaper. Lay the artwork over your index finger to bend the paper without creasing it. Then with feather-light pressure, sand the spot being carefull not to sand the surrounding area or through the paper.You may have to bend the tiny piece of sandpaper as well for acurracy.Hope it go's well!

  • Blow drier sounds good. A colleague put white-out on the wrong text on a document and I cant duplicate it, long story... So anyway, I think I am going to iron it so it gets brittle (instead of a blow drier) and then scrape it off with a razor. Meanwhile I am still looking for a better solution. I seem to remember the last time I bough white was, cant remember when, there was a remover fluid with it.

  • Scrape off as much as you can with a very sharpe knife very gently. Then get some Lighter Fuel and apply to a tissue. Rub the whitener with the saturated end of the tissue as gently as possible and you will be able to read whats is under it. The surplus lighter fuel will evaporate.

  • um, its kind of nearly impossible to do so. but if its thick enough, you could gently bend the paper to create a curve and scrape it off with a sharp object.

  • i have no idea but does the iron really work? i want to try it, lol! ^.^ i tried the monkey pee thing. my white out that i had before came with remover liquid and it had monkey pee in it... it worked fine but then it spoiled so i threw it out

  • I often end up writing the same thing on other sites

  • scratching it off has always worked for me, i use a penny, works fine.

  • STUPID IDIOT! YALL GOTTA START IT OVER (jk, try to erase bgently lor scratch with a penny)

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