How do you say are you having fun? in spanish?

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  • ¿Te estas divirtiendo?/ ¿Te la estas pasando bien?

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    How do you say are you having fun? in spanish?


    All the above answers are correct. It is not clear by your question if you are just looking for the infinitive, divertir (+ se = divertirse), or you want to tell someone (imperative form) to have fun, or some other form of the verb. So take your pick from above answers. Sweetpea gave you some good alternatives, too.

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  • Te estas divertiendo?

  • Te estas divirtiendo?

  • Have fun= Que se divierta/diviertan! <—diviertan if its a group of people or you could say Que lo pases/pasen bien!= Have a nice time!/Hope it goes well! or you could say Que disfrutes/disfrute/disfruten!= Enjoy yourself/yourselves the word used depends on who you are talking to.

  • To one person:

    ¿Te estás divirtiendo? (Normal)

    ¿Se está divirtiendo? (Formal)

    To various people:

    ¿Se están divirtiendo?

    ¿Os estáis divirtiendo? (Spain dialect only.)

  • You can say “te diviertes?”, which means “Do you enjoy yourself? Are you enjoying yourself?”.

    It comes from the verb “divertirse”.

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