How do you say awkward in french?

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  • There’s no French equivalent for the word “awkward,” rather, different words are used in different situations.

    An awkward person, as in clumsy, is “maladroit” (or “maladroite” if it’s a girl)

    An awkward situation, as in embarassing, is embarassant(e) or gênant(e).

    An awkward situation, as in uncomfortable, is delicat(e) or difficile.

    The word “gauche” can also be used to mean awkward as in clumsy or uncomfortable.

  • Awkward In French

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    How do you say awkward in french?


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  • Nate and Gracie gave you all you need to know. To the list, I add: drole.

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  • It depends on what you mean.

    If something physically doesn’t fit or work right, I might say “difficile” or “mauvais”

    If someone has social issues I might call them “maladroit”

    If something is embarrasing I would say “embarrasant”

  • You can simply say french,since that language is awkward itself.

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