how do you say “beautiful disaster” in different languages?

I was thinking maybe in French, Italian, or Spanish, though others are welcome too..

I tend not to use online translators because they do not always translate correctly. I was actually hoping people who could speak languages other than English could help me.

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  • In Italian it would be “un bel disastro” but it has two different and quite opposite meanings…

    It could mean “a huge disaster” that is a real tragedy, and it is the most common meaning

    but, more rarely, you could use it also to describe a situation that you really liked even though it has been a disaster, for example, if you miss your train and after that, you meet a nice boy in the station, you could say that it has been “un bel disastro”, however this alternative is quite rare, the first is the most common one…

    I don’t know if also English has this double meaning…

  • Beautiful Disaster In Spanish


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  • Un bel disastro!!! (Italian) This is used quite a lot not to mean a ‘beautiful’ disaster but rather a great mess.. or such like!


  • My dads friends parents were both in a concentration camp when they were very young. They were looked after by an old woman for a couple of years till they were about 10 but she couldnt mind them both so her son took the boy out of Germany to live in New Zealand. The old woman died about 12 years later and all contact between the two was lost. The young woman left Germany and went to England to become a secretary and the young man began working at his guardians firm where he was chosen to travel to england for business. The young woman was running to catch a train when she felt herself get pulled up by a young man with a familiar birthmark over his left eye. The two returned to New Zealand and started a family and this story has been told to me as a kid as a shining example of true love and fate.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    how do you say "beautiful disaster'' in different languages?

    I was thinking maybe in French, Italian, or Spanish, though others are welcome too..

  • Literally, it would be “Magandang kapahamakan” in Tagalog, but that sounds very odd and most Filipinos will wonder what you’re talking about.

  • German

    schöne Katastrophe

    schönes Desaster

    schönes Unglück

  • Danish: Smuk katastrofe

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