How do you say “dark angel” in Latin?

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  • Please tell me you don't want to tattoo that on your body.

  • Tenebricosus Angelus is my preferred way, there are a lot of words for dark in Latin however.

  • Dark Angel In Latin

  • n this case you don't use NIGER NIGRA NIGRUM but ATER ATRA ATRUM, dark, black, gloomy. So DARK ANGEL would be ATER ANGELUS (Ahn ghe loos) or ANGELUS ATER. You can also use the feminine ATRA ANGELA. Classic Latin for WING is ALA. So dark wings can be ALAE NIGRAE or ALAE ATRAE.

  • Atrum angelus

  • tumšs eņģelis

  • I don't know, but there is a quick translator at

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