how do you say “excuse me” in French?


i dont need a google translation answer..pls..

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  • It depends.

    To get past someone in the street “Pardon”

    To ask for something that might be an inconvenience “Excusez-moi” (vous avez l’heure s’il vous plaît)

    If you are contrite and want forgiveness “Pardonnez-moi”

    If you are upbraiding someone for taking liberties “Eh! oh!”

  • Excuse Me In French


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  • How Do You Spell Excuse

  • If it’s “excuse me”? like “what (did you say)?”, then it’s “Pardon.” If it’s excusing yourself after bumping into someone or the like, then it’s “excusez-moi.” This can also be used in conversation when someone else is talking and you’re politely interrupting.

  • It’s simply “Excusez-moi,” or if you want to be really formal, try “Veuillez s’il vous plaȋt m’excuser.” But the latter one sounds more of an apology whereas the former is more about if you were passing by in a crowded place.

  • Excuse me in French is translated as ‘Excusez-moi’

  • Pardonnez-moi.

  • “pardonnez-moi” as in pardon me…


    “excusez-moi” for excuse me

    Maybe more formal: Veuillez m’excuser (would you please excuse me)

  • Pardon..

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