How do you say ” good luck ” in spanish?

I want to say to my friend because he is studying Spanish ” good luck “


13 Answers

  • Buena suerte!

  • Good Luck In Spanish

  • Suerte

    Buena suerte

    Mucha suerte

    Que te vaya bien

    Que te vaya chido (in Mexico)

    Te deseo lo mejor

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  • Suerte

  • Buenas Suerte

  • lit would be “buena suerte”

    but people move on and just say suerte nowadays

    say just suerte if you want to sound more common

  • Buena suerte!


    Que tengas buena suerte

    and the last one

    ~que tengas Exitos..!

    Exitos means sucessful, and it sounds better in spanish ;]

  • Good luck to your son

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