How do you say “Happy Retirement” in Spanish? Is it “Jubilación Feliz” or “Feliz Jubilación”? Gracias.

"Skater" need not respond.

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  • It depends on the way you use it.

    If all you want to say is "happy retirement", it is "feliz jubilacion". However, if you want to say it in a sentence ... like "I hope you have a happy retirement", you say "Espero que tengas una jubilacion feliz".

  • Feliz Jubilación

  • Feliz Jubilación

  • Happy Retirement In Spanish

  • Feliz Jubilación.

    That's what I received in cards when retiring from a particular function in a company.

  • Happy Retirement Sayings

  • i would say feliz jubilacion or retiro because you say "feliz cumpleanos" for happy birthday not "cumpleanos feliz"

  • Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo

  • My mom is hispanic and I asked and she said it was "Feliz jubilación"

  • feliz retiro

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