How do you say “I’m praying for you” in Spanish?

Thanks again for your help. My friend is struggling, and communication is difficult since English is his second language. Whenever I lend him the least bit of support in Spanish, it lifts his spirits. But this one has me stumped. What is the proper way to say this? Also, so that I can understand how to use them, what is the difference between orar and rezar?

Thank you, muchas gracias!!!!

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  • estoy orando por ti. The difference is that for some people orar is like having a conversation with God where you say how grateful you are, you ask for certain things, etc. rezar is just repeting the prayers that religion(catholics) created.

  • "Estoy orando por ti" is the right way to say it

    The difference between orar and rezar is --

    Orar- is personal prayer asking for help and protection

    Rezar- is a term used for praying to the saints mostly used in Catholic religion

  • estoy rezando por tí. you also can say estoy orando por tí.

    orar and rezar are the same, but orar is more polite. you can say orar when you're talking with God and rezar when you say a prayer.

    orar- to pray

    rezar- to say a prayer

  • Rezo por tí . Rezar and orar are synonymous but it is usually said rezo por ti. Nobody says oro por ti. Rezar is used more than orar. Orar is a word more learned.

  • Orar y rezar means pray, they are synonymous. If you say "Estare rezando por ti" or Estare orando por ti", it will have the same meaning.

  • Estoy orando por ti. The 2 words mean the same.

  • "Estoy rogando para ti" means I am praying for you. And the difference between orar and rezar is orar means "to pray", and rezar means "to say"

  • estoy resando (or rezando?....not sure) por ti

    hmmm i dont think there's a big diff btween orar and rezar...pretty much the same thing!

  • " Yo voy a rezar para ti"

  • estoy orando por ti

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