How do you say “tiger” in different languages?

My cat just had some kittens and the one has tiger-like markings, so I wanted to name her “tiger” but in another language. Anyone know any cute/cool sounding versions of the word “tiger?”

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  • ‘Lakra’ in oraon a tribal language, India

  • Tiger In Different Languages

  • In all of the languages I know of which the word is pronounced differently (ALPHABETICAL ORDER:

    Albanian: tigër

    Armenian: vagr

    Mandarin: hǔ

    Croatian: tigar

    Czech: tygr

    Estonian: tiiger

    Hebrew: namer

    Hungarian: tigris

    Icelandic: tígrisdýr (usually)

    Lithuanian: tigras

    Russian: tigr

    Turkish: kaplan (I think)

    Xhosa: ingwe (I think)


    Good question! There are enormous differences between the two, however there are also enormous differences between the dialects and many words and phrases that you find in each country. (London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cornwall etc) Would that make it right to divide all the different counties/states and call the languages different? I reckon that it’s one language that has mutated! x

  • Tiger in Farsi= Babr (ببر)

  • Tigre’ Pronounced “Tea-gray” Spanish.

  • Arabic: نَمِر

    Chinese (Simplified): 虎

    Chinese (Traditional): 虎

    Czech: tygr; tygřice

    Danish: tiger

    Dutch: tijger

    Estonian: tiiger

    Finnish: tiikeri

    French: tigre; tigresse

    German: der, *die Tiger(in)

    Greek: τίγρης, τίγρη

    Hungarian: tigris

    Icelandic: tígrisdÿr

    Italian: tigre

    Japanese: 虎

    Lithuanian: tigras

    Polish: tygrys

    Portuguese (Brazil): tigre

    Portuguese (Portugal): tigre

    Romanian: tigru

    Russian: тигр

    Spanish: tigre; tigresa

    Swedish: tiger, tigrinna

    Turkish: kaplan

  • French- Tigre

  • German; Tiger

    Turkish: kaplan

    isiZulu: ithayiga

  • Try “Tigre” (tee-gray). It’s in italian, spanish, and french.

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