How do you say, “you have the wrong number” in spanish?

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  • “Se equivocó de número” That’s what we say in central Mexico.

  • If it’s about a phone call just say “Está equivocado” (you’re wrong) or “Número equivocado”.

    Those are the phrases we use. I’m a spanish speaker, trust me. It’s not about translating literaly but about saying the phrase that actually corresponds to the same meaning.

    Now, if you want a literal translation (both in a singular “you”):

    Formal way: “Usted tiene el número equivocado/incorrecto”

    Informal or familiar way: “Tu tienes el número equivocado/incorrecto”

  • Tienes el numero equivocado.

    If you are talking to an old person or want to talk with a lot of respect you can say.

    Usted tiene el numero equivocado.

  • Numero equivocado


    Número equivocado

    Usted tiene un número equivocado

    Tienes el número equivocado

  • Depending on whether familiar or formal address is used:

    Familiar: Te equivocaste de numero.

    Formal: Se equivoco de numero

  • Tienes el numero equivocado

    How to say it:

    Tienes is like saying “Tea”+”an”+”es” (now say it faster)

    El uses the “e” sound in “fell” so pretty much take “f” out of “fell” and there you go 🙂

    Numero is like saying “New”+”me”+ “row”

    Equivocado is like saying “eck”+”eeee”+”voe”+”ka”+”doe”

  • tienes el numero equivocado

  • It is “usted tiene el número incorrecto”. Indeed you can translate in to many languages from this site.

  • Has llamado a un numero equivocado!

  • usted tiene el numero equibocado.

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