How do you take off your hair/hat on roblox?

I've been lookin' everywhere and i cant find it please help!!!

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  • Press the equal button. "="

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  • Well there are two different types of how to take off your hat. There's a way to take it off "In game" which is the "=" key and there's a way to take it off so it doesn't show up in any game until you put the hat back on. To do this go to the roblox main website, Click on my roblox, then click Character. Then two menu's should show up one that says My Wardrobe and the other says Currently wearing. You want to scroll down to Currently Wearing and Click the remove button on your Hat/Hair.

    Hope this helps

  • When on the Roblox website, go to avatar and scroll down to the bottom of the page where the hat you want to take off press a button ( I think it says take off)

    However, in a game press =.

  • Click on the picture of the item (under where it says wear). It will go to a new page with the picture larger. In the upper right corner (right above the green buy now button) is a settings drop down. Click it and choose "take off item".

  • How do you take off your hat/hair outside of a game like when you go to Character?

  • i dont know

  • im new at roblox how do you take of hats i kilik avery time at wear but it does not work

  • press +/= button if you want to in game

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