How do you tell your dad that you broke your phone?

So my dad is on a business trip for 1 week and he is coming back tomorrow.

I’ve had my phone for about 5 months, but last night while I was using it, it slipped out of my hand and cracked. I hoped it was just the screen protector that cracked, so I took that off, just to find out my whole phone cracked, and I can’t even touch the screen without it spazzing out. I told my mom right away and she says “not my problem, you tell dad”. I’m afraid that my dad’s gonna be pissed at me when he finds out. What is the best way to tell him that I cracked my phone without being in so much trouble?

4 Answers

  • accidents happen, just tell him, he might help you get it fixed

  • Just tell him. Get it over with.

  • just say dad I broke my phone

  • If you are one of those 12 year olds with alot of gadgets than let him be mad at you.

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