How do you use a combination lock?

3 Answers

  • You will have three numbers as your combination. Turn the dial three full turns to the right (clockwise) and then to the first number. Stop on the number exactly. Then, turn the dial left (counterclockwise) one full turn (so, past the original number) and keep going counterclockwise until you reach the second number of your combination. Stop on that number exactly. The third step is turning the dial once again clockwise right to the third number. Then pull on the lock, and it should open.


    well…yes…but it depends on the parameters the parameters include: the total number of different numbers the total number of numbers in the combination if numbers can be repeated if numbers can be repeated but only in a specific order etc… if you can account for all of these things, i can tell you the number of possibilities and the probability of you guessing the right combination… hope this helps matttlocke

  • turn the combination knob to right until you get the first number, then turn to the left once to get the second number, then turn to the right again for the third number.

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